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A root canal is a routine dental procedure that is used to remove diseased nerve tissue from the inside of a tooth.

Within the roots of the tooth exist narrow channels (canals) wherein nerve tissue, lymph tissue and blood supply are housed. During a root canal (endodontic) procedure, the nerve tissue within the channels of the root are cleaned out and shaped. The involved tooth is disinfected and all nerve tissue, lymph tissue, blood tissue, bacteria and infection are removed from the tooth and its associated canals. After the tooth has been disinfected, cleaned and shaped properly the root canal channels are filled with biocompatible materials designed to prevent pain and infection from recurring.

iTooth Dentistry integrates the scientific basics of endodontics with the current standards of specialty primary care. Patient’s receiving endodontic treatment at iTooth Dentistry can be assured that the treatment modalities used are in line with current scientific literature.

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Fresno Endodontics Root Canal

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