Fresno Pediatric Dentistry

Fresno Pediatric Dentistry iTooth Dentistry provides comprehensive dental services to children of all ages. During a child’s initial visit, Dr. Mendoza will review past dental records, relate the data presented to correlate medical and dental histories, oral examination, and radiographic findings in order to formulate a preliminary treatment plan giving proper consideration of the child’s need for preventive, restorative and orthodontic treatment.

Parent’s of the pediatric patient, can rest assured that Dr. Mendoza will apply the principles of rubber dam application for restorative procedures in a manner consistent with his training received at UCLA School of Dentistry.

Pediatric services offered:

·         Prophylaxis

·         Fillings

·         Extractions

·         Pulpotomy (Child Root canal procedure)

·         Space Maintainer

·         Fluoride Therapy

Information for Parents for the Pediatric Patient

Benefits of Fluoride Therapy

·         Reduction in enamel being dissolved

·         Demineralization of Tooth structure

·         Interference w/ micro-organisms which cause plaque

Fresno Pediatric Dentistry

Fresno Pediatric Dentistry

Same Day Appointments Available

iTooth provides the best Fresno Pediatric Service in Fresno

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