Fresno Dentistry Partial & Complete Dentures fresno

 Partial & Complete Dentures fresno
Those whom are missing one or more teeth may opt for restoration of the missing spaces with the use of a Removable Partial / Complete Denture.  The Partial & Complete dentures are a viable treatment option for those patients wishing to restore missing teeth in a manner, which is functional, cost efficient & highly aesthetic. Complete Dentures and Removable Partial Dentures are made of acrylic.

Properly planned partial & complete dentures will restore lost portions of the oral tissues most successfully for long periods of time. Treatment design is a key factor when a removable appliance is fabricated. Treatment decisions are dependent on the type, amount and condition of the remaining oral anatomical structures of the patient. For patients whom are seeking additional retention, Dental Implants can be used for additional retention.

It is Dr. Mendoza’s responsibility and prerogative to make these decisions, which cannot be ethically delegated to any of person that a Doctor.

Dentures fresno

Fresno Dentistry Partial & Complete Dentures fresno

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